100 Things: Model in a photoshoot

Just got home from a super-fun photoshoot with the gang from The Lovers, The Dreamers and You: Ceris Thomas, Matt Stewart and Luke Bainbridge!  We were photographed by the lovely Andrea Hutchison, who was so encouraging and fun to work with!  She made us all feel so comfortable in front of the camera.  I think we all felt a little awkward at first, but after a few shots we got more into it and things got much easier!

Andrea and Ceris in action!

We all were dressed in our best and we had some helium balloons and fun props to play with, and Ceris and I also brought some swords to pose with too!  I really wanted to have photos taken with a longsword, after my epic longsword battle in New York at the AoC intensive (man, I want my own longsword so badly!) and I also got photos taken with my cutlass!

We shot outside behind the courthouse in London, by the Thames river and at the playground, and near the splash pad.  Then, because it was so hot (it was 29 degrees!) we went to Covent Garden Market and shot some photos in the Spriet Family Theatre (yes, I was at work on the weekend… I just can’t stay away!).

It was just so much fun to dress up and feel pretty and laugh and play around with friends.  I can’t WAIT to see the photos!  I know Andrea took a ton of shots!

What I learned:

  • In preparation for the photoshoot, I gave myself lots of fun beauty treatments (mani, pedi, etc) but if I were to do another shoot, I would make sure not to leave all the preparations til the day before!
  • I also should have set out all the props I wanted to bring beforehand.  I did have what was in my plastic tote box, but I forgot a bunch of items that I had wanted to bring.
  • It’s good to have different clothing options, but 5 extra dresses and 5 extra pairs of shoes (or was it 6?) might have been a bit excessive.  Especially when the dress I was wearing ended up being the one I wore in the shoot!
  • I am glad I packed my travel makeup case and an extra hairbrush.  I should have brought some blotting papers, because it was so hot outside and we were all pretty sweaty!
  • I should have brought some cold bottled water, seeing as it was ridiculously hot outside!
  • I need to purchase my own longsword. 🙂

Post photoshoot. Tired and sweaty but happy!  “I feel pretty… oh so pretty!”

I can’t wait to see the photos!  Once I get my hands on them, I’ll be sure to post them here!

So there you have it, folks.  Number 31, model in a photoshoot, is COMPLETE!

Now I’m off to a Christmas in August party at my mom’s house!  I’m excited to get themed out and dressed up in my red and green!

Want Andrea to take photos for you?  Check out Andrea’s website here, or check out her Facebook page here, and hire her!

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