Dealing with Downtime…

Since I’ve come back from New York City, I’ve been feeling kind of… blah.  I’ve been able to announce the podcast from The Lovers, The Dreamers, and You, and my art being on display at The Art Exchange, and of course getting engaged (wait, I didn’t announce that?  Well, Shawn proposed to me on July 22 on our last full day in New York City!) but I don’t really have any new projects to announce.

Oh, there’s stuff to be worked on, like getting my T.A.G. (The Actor Grows) teaching schedule worked out for September, researching combat scenes, editing my plays and working on the Inspector Noble trilogy (it’d be really nice to have my plays up on the site for people to purchase the rights to…) and further developing some ideas that I’ve got simmering in my brain.  And maybe planning a wedding.  And cleaning up the apartment… but I’ve felt very lazy these past couple of weeks.  I haven’t been working out as much as I was before NYC (and I’ve suffered the consequences of it… this past weekend I totally over-indulged with crappy food and very little exercise, and got very, very sick because of it!) and I’ve spent a lot of time laying like a bump on a log in front of the television.  I can’t decide if I’m just being lazy or if this downtime is what I need to recover and get rejuvenated for what will be a busy fall, as always.  Right now it just feels like I’m not accomplishing anything.

Dear readers, how do you deal with downtime?  What projects do you have to look forward to?  How do you get rid of the doldrums?

One thought on “Dealing with Downtime…

  1. You clearly need this downtime. Or you wouldn’t be taking it. You are always so energetic and driven that this is your subconscious and your physical self taking control and making you rest. Now, if you are still feeling lethargic, there’s a pool out back and I’ve got projects that need assistance. You could mentor some more….

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