Trannie Shoes!

I’m not sure if I’ve officially announced this, but I will be appearing in Simply Theatre’s production of The Rocky Horror Show at the London Fringe Festival!  The Fringe Festival goes up June 16th to the 26th.  I’m SO excited!  I’ve volunteered as a Trouper for the past three years, but this will be my first time performing in a show!

In Rocky, I’m in the ensemble, playing one of the “Trannies.”  The theme of our production is “real, raw and risque.”  I can’t tell you any more details, but I am going to post the killer shoes I found!

Rocky Shoes!

Pretty awesome, eh?  Found them at Winners at Southdale and Wonderland!  They’re Guess brand, size 8 1/2.  They retail at $120 and were priced at Winners for $60.  Plus, I had a $25 gift card from my birthday!  Sweet!  And they have the approval of the costume designer, so that’s a plus!  They’re relatively comfortable as far as high heels go, and they have a squared-off toe so they don’t pinch my toes.

Five Inches!

Yes, they are five inches tall!  I’m not a high heels person by any stretch of the imagination (I live in my pink plaid Converse!) but starting on May 1st, I’ll be dancing, strutting, and sashaying in these babies!  Wish me luck!

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