Pics Or It Didn’t Happen: T.A.G. Puppetry Class

Photos from our super-fun puppetry class at OKTC T.A.G. on November 6 and 7, taught by Ceris Thomas! All photos taken by me with my iPhone.        

Acting: Back to Basics

Acting: Back to Basics

This weekend at OKTC T.A.G., Jim Schaefer was our guest instructor. Jim (or "Schaef" as he's often called) is a talented teacher, director and actor, and he taught a class about creating and developing characters onstage. It really focuses on the basics of acting and theatre, which is fantastic for our new young actors to the company to …

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T.A.G. Update – Monologues

We've been very busy at OKTC T.A.G.! We've now had two dance classes (guest instructed by Cameron Carver and Emilee Nimetz), two vocal music classes (guest instructed by Jenn Floris and Andrew Rethazi), we've studied tableau and mime, clowning, and two person acting scenes, and this weekend we worked on monologues. In my opinion, it's important …

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T.A.G. Update - Mime & Tableau, and Theatre Etiquette (Plus, Act It Out!)

T.A.G. Update – Mime & Tableau, and Theatre Etiquette (Plus, Act It Out!)

More fun to be had at OKTC T.A.G.!  We just had our big orientation weekend at OKTC and it was so great to see all the kids and families again and get caught up. On Tuesday and Wednesday we did our Mime & Tableau class.  Last year's class was taught by Art Fidler, and I …

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Three Easy First-Day Theatre Games

Three Easy First-Day Theatre Games

Just woke up from a long nap after teaching T.A.G. classes at OKTC!  T.A.G. stands for "The Actor Grows" and is a program we have here for all the new kids to the company who are in grade 2 to grade 8. Here's the description that goes out to all the new students: "Our T.A.G. …

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