2017: The Year in Review

2017: The Year in Review

This year has been tough. There have definitely been wonderful moments, but it's been busy and overwhelming at times. You'll notice it's been radio silence around here, which I'm not happy about. I am very grateful for all the opportunities and the many reasons why it's been quiet on the blog, but I do admit that …

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2015: The Year in Review!

2015: The Year in Review!

2015 was an insane year. Looking back on it, I can't believe how much I squashed into it. It's been wonderful to look back on it though, and recall all the awesomeness that happened this year! So read on to find out my highlights of 2015 -- theatrically, professionally, and personally! If you're curious, check …

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Robin Hood, Teaching T.A.G., and a Drunken Orangutan... Oh My! (An Update)

Robin Hood, Teaching T.A.G., and a Drunken Orangutan… Oh My! (An Update)

There's been a bit of radio silence around these parts, because it's been insanely busy this month! I've got a whole bunch of projects going on all at once, so it's been a bit of a balancing act, and I haven't been posting much of anything here or on any social media! Life gets crazy …

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A special gift.

A gift from one of my T.A.G. (The Actor Grows) students -- chocolate covered pretzels (there were more but I ate them) and a hand-made card.  This one's going in the scrapbook. 🙂 The card reads: "What TAG is over!? NO! Without TAG I'm just another mask, another Drama Queen. Boy you taught me quick. …

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Sometimes all you can do is jump in a box.

Sometimes you just can't think of anything interesting to write. For those times, you post a video of a cat jumping into a box. (Today I had a meeting with the directors of OKTC's spring 2013 season, followed by 29 TAG mock auditions.  I get to watch 28 more auditions tomorrow, and at least 3 more on Tuesday.  I've …

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