Excitement Coming Up: Auditions for The Wedding Singer!

Hello everyone! It has been a busy, exciting, confusing, [insert adjective here] year thus far. Suffice to say there is (and has been) a lot going on, but what's coming up most quickly for me is auditions for Musical Theatre Productions' The Wedding Singer! I am so excited to be directing this show for the …

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2017: The Year in Review

2017: The Year in Review

This year has been tough. There have definitely been wonderful moments, but it's been busy and overwhelming at times. You'll notice it's been radio silence around here, which I'm not happy about. I am very grateful for all the opportunities and the many reasons why it's been quiet on the blog, but I do admit that …

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Come Sing Along to White Christmas!

If you're looking for something fun to do this weekend, then I have a great idea for you... Musical Theatre Productions is holding a White Christmas Sing Along as a fun holiday event and social gathering.  The event will be held at Western Film on Sunday December 14th with carol-singing beginning at 1:30pm and the movie starting at 2:00pm. …

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MTP’s Oklahoma is delightful!

Last night I went with Kendryth to a special preview performance of Musical Theatre Productions' Oklahoma, performed at the Palace Theatre! The theatre was quite full last night, and everyone was clapping along from the beginning of the overture!  (Pretty sure that's a good sign right there!) I was excited to see a huge number of …

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