Just signed up for the Color Run 2014!

Just signed up for the Color Run 2014!

I can tell that spring has truly sprung because I'm getting super excited to be outside and running!  Yesterday I signed up for the Run for Ovarian Cancer, and today, thanks to being on the VIP list, I signed up for The Color Run London! Despite the non-Canadian spelling of "colour," I participated in The Color …

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2013: The Year in Review!

Back in July, I did a mid-year check-in, going over some of the highlights of the year thus far.  The second part of 2013 was no less exciting and busy as the first part! July Rehearsed and performed a remount of [THEY FIGHT!] at the Palace Theatre to a huge, appreciative audience Made 80 jars of …

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Fitness Frenzy: The Color Run!

Running Daze: Excitement Coming Up!

I'm SO excited about the 5k run that I just signed up for... check this out!!! The Color Run looks like it's going to be so much fun!  I mean, this run is advertised as "the happiest 5k on the planet!"  And check out these photos! From the website: The Color Run™, also known as the …

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