Director’s Diary: On Stress

Being a director is stressful sometimes. You are the visionary.  The leader.  The boss.  The one that everyone turns to when things go wrong. People expect you to have all the answers.  Sometimes you do... and sometimes you don't. If you're anything like me, you'll probably have more than one project going on at the …

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Advice for First-Time Directors

Advice for First-Time Directors

I'm currently directing my ninth show at Original Kids Theatre Company (The Wedding Singer, if you hadn't heard... get your tickets here!).  A lot of my students seem incredulous when I say I've only been at OKTC for four years... sometimes it seems like I've been there for much longer.  But before I started directing …

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Director's Diary: Doing Your Homework

Director’s Diary: On Doing Your Homework

We've just had our second "real" rehearsal for The Wedding Singer -- the first two rehearsals were devoted to auditions.  Sunday's rehearsal was all about learning big cast numbers, and last night's rehearsal was focused on working on vocal solos with some of the leads.  While they weren't singing, we discussed character traits, as well as …

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What I’ve Learned: Peter Pan Edition

Disney's Peter Pan Jr. completed its run on Saturday March 15, and what a run it was.  The cast performed twelve shows, nine of which were totally sold out!  (The other shows had only about 5 tickets left, which is awesome!)16 of the 30 cast members were in their first OKTC Main Cast Company show, …

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How to Effectively Run a Rehearsal With Young Actors

How to Effectively Run a Rehearsal With Young Actors

We are now one month less three days until Disney's Peter Pan Jr. opens at OKTC (March 7, in case you're wondering... click here to buy your tickets!) and we just finished blocking and choreographing the entire show yesterday! Going forward, we are going to be focusing on running the show, line memorization, and focusing …

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