Tiny Theatre Tips #8: Update Your Resume

Tiny Theatre Tips #8: Update Your Resume

Tiny Theatre Tips #8: Update Your Resume

This is a really simple tip, but it’s easy to forget — keep your resume updated. Every time you complete a new gig, take a new class, or master a new skill, be sure to include it on your resume. When you go to an audition or job interview, be sure to bring along a few fresh copies, just in case. You may have already submitted it online, but it’s nice to have a paper copy as well that the team can refer to in the moment.

If, like many theatre people, you do both backstage and onstage work, it’s a good idea to have different resumes for different situations. For example, I have a resume formatted to focus on acting, one for directing, one for stage combat, one for teaching, and one for writing! It might seem a bit excessive but it’s so much easier than having to re-format my resume every time I need to send it out.

Do you have an online presence as well? It’s imperative nowadays to, at the very least, have your own dot com! My friends Jared, Ben, Nathan and Amelia all have awesome websites. And of course, you’re here, so you know I’ve got mine! Think of it as your own online resume. Add a photo and/or video gallery and of course a contact page, and you’re on your way!

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