Tiny Theatre Tips #2: Hone Your Skills

Welcome to Tiny Theatre Tips, a series of brief posts sharing tips and advice for your theatre life! Enjoy!

Tiny Theatre Tips #2: Hone Your Skills

Tiny Theatre Tips #2: Hone Your Skills

Theatre can be a very competitive environment. Titles like “triple threat” have been around for ages, but now it’s more like “how many slashes can I have behind my name?” As in, So-and-So is an actor/director/playwright/lyricist/model/gymnast/competitive trapeze artist. Now, I’m not saying you have to suddenly become an expert in every field. That’s unrealistic. Rather, focus on continually honing, growing, and practicing your current skills.

Take classes or lessons. Get a coach. Sign up for a workshop. Go out and watch some shows and study what you see onstage. If you’re currently working on a show, practice your lines, blocking, vocals and choreography on a daily basis. Learn a new monologue. Read some new plays. Create a sound/light/set design for a show you’d love to work on. Sketch out some new costume designs. Volunteer backstage on an upcoming show. Stretch daily. Record yourself performing and upload it to YouTube. Push yourself to learn more.

You are as good as the effort you put in. If you truly want to be better, you will make time to hone your skills.

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