3 Ways Creative People Can (and Should!) Use A Blog

3 Ways Creative People Can (and Should!) Use A Blog

I love blogging; I think that’s fairly evident! Blogging is so much fun and a great way to share your thoughts with the world. But to be honest, I think that all creative people (theatre people, visual artists, musicians, writers, and so on!) should have a blog. Why? Read on!

Use your blog as an online resume

How easy is it to use your blog as your resume? This easy. Having an online presence makes it easier for casting directors and potential customers and clients to find you! Share the kind words that people have said about you. Be sure to include any awards, accolades, and testimonials you’ve received, as well as what training you’ve done. Let people know what you’re up to!

Use your blog as a portfolio

Show us your stuff! Share photos of art you’ve created, share your demo reel, create a Soundcloud with songs you’ve performed or composed. Then when someone asks, “What do you do?” you can easily whip out your smartphone and show them!

Share your experiences with like-minded people

You’ve got a voice — we want to hear it! Share your stories and poems, share behind-the-scenes photos of your current work in progress, share videos of your latest rehearsal or project, express your opinions, teach us something, share what you’ve learned. You have something to say! Even if you think what you’ve said has already been said somewhere else, give us YOUR experiences and thoughts. There’s no one else out there that’s quite like you!

Do you have a blog or website? I’d love to see it!
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