5 Reasons You Should Join the Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course

5 Reasons You Should Join the Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course


Blogging has truly changed my life in many wonderful ways. I’ve been able to share my thoughts and what I’ve learned, I’ve met fantastic people, I’ve had the opportunity to travel… it’s pretty awesome. I’ve been blogging for nearly six years (I still can’t believe that!) but I still have a long way to go to get my blog to where it needs to be. I’m also obsessed with learning, so I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and knowledge!

Enter The Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course! This is the brainchild of the amazing Sarah Morgan (bloggess of xosarah.com); an 8-week blogging group program of AWESOMENESS. I know that’s a pretty epic way to introduce this post, but it is the absolute truth! The Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course includes topics such as solving blog design issues, finding your audience, creating an editorial calendar, understanding SEO, and even making money from blogging!

I was fortunate enough to win a scholarship to the program, and I am SO grateful for that incredible opportunity! But I’m here to tell you that even if I hadn’t won the scholarship, I would have enrolled anyway — the program is so good, and I will forever be an advocate for this fantastic course. Read on for five reasons why you should join the Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course — TODAY!

1.  Practical advice that you can put to use right away, in the comfort of your own home.

You receive twice-weekly lessons to your email inbox that are chock-full of useful tips and focused advice that you can implement on your blog right away. Each email includes videos, worksheets, and homework. You’ll definitely want to save them so that you can re-visit them when you are feeling uninspired!

2.  Personalized feedback.

Sarah gives each participant a review of their blog with super-personalized tips and advice for making it look even better! This feedback was invaluable and I frequently refer back to it when I’m working on my blog! She also makes sure to respond to every single question that is asked in the Google+ community (more about that in #4!).

3.  Real-world experience.

Sarah is a blogger, designer and business woman with a wealth of knowledge and experience — she definitely knows her stuff! She puts so much care into each lesson, which is presented with beautiful branding and obvious passion for what she does.

4.  An awesome community.

The Badass Babes have a Google+ community and weekly chats, which is awesome. I love chatting with the other Badass Babes — they are great to bounce ideas off of and get feedback. Everyone is so supportive. It’s a wonderful group of ladies!

5.  Lifetime access.

Once you’re in, you’re IN! All members of the Blog Club receive LIFETIME access to the Google+ community along with bi-monthly blog club hangouts, so there’s help and support available even after the e-course finishes!

Registration is limited, and today is the last day to register for this session! (That being said, the course is offered multiple times throughout the year, so if you miss the date this time you can wait ’til the next session, but why would you want to?!) Take advantage of this awesome opportunity and make the investment — you won’t be sorry!

Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course

This post was unsolicited and the opinions are 100% my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you use this link (or one of the other links in this post) to enroll in the Badass Babes Blog Club + E-Course, I will be compensated for the referral.

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