Inspector Noble Is Here!

Inspector Noble and the Figure in Black

I am absolutely thrilled to announce that my one-act play, Inspector Noble and the Figure in Black, is available to purchase! If you have been looking for a fun play to produce with your classroom, camp, or youth theatre group, this one is for you!


40 minutes, 1 Act

Cast of 25: 4M / 12W / 9 either (flexible casting)

The big town is in an uproar! Talia Woodbridge’s diamonds are missing!
People are being attacked!
And there’s a mysterious figure in black on the loose!
Police are puzzled… and only Inspector Noble can crack the case!

Inspector Noble and the Figure in Black is a fun,
fast-paced play for young actors.
The audience will be on the edge of their seats wondering “Whodunit?”

This show is great for classrooms, camps, and youth theatre groups.
Clean language and intriguing subject matter.


Purchase a perusal copy here — only $7!
Get a free script sample here!

For ordering and pricing information, please email me:

I am so excited that this is finally real. I have been putting this off for way too long! Inspector Noble was first produced for LYTE at the Palace way back in July 2010! (Check out our write-up in the London Free Press… which, coincidentally, features Original Kids Theatre Company, which I would go on to join in September!) It has been a dream of mine to have my plays available for people to purchase, and I’m so pleased to finally be achieving that goal!

You can find Inspector Noble up on the header under the link Shop. I can’t wait to add more products to that menu!

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