10 Theatrical Resolutions for the New Year

10 Theatrical Resolutions for the New Year

It’s nearly 2015 (in some countries, it’s already 2015) and it’s time to start fresh in the new year. If you haven’t figured out what your new year’s resolution is yet, here are some ideas for you!

  • Plan ahead and give yourself more time to prepare for auditions. While you’re at it, find some new and fresh monologues and songs for your auditions.
  • See and support more local theatre.
  • Finish that play you’ve been writing. (Then go produce it.)
  • Save up to go to New York City and see a Broadway show.
  • Stretch daily to improve your extension and splits.
  • Sign up for an acting class or workshop. (Or a vocal class, or a dance class…)
  • Audition for a show that is totally different than the shows you normally do. (If you’re a play person, try out for a musical, and vice versa.)
  • Volunteer to help on a tech or backstage crew. (Costumes? Props? Lighting? Sound? The possibilities are endless.)
  • Donate money to a local theatre company, or help produce a show.
  • Throw out all your old, crusty theatre makeup and replace it with nice, new products (bonus points if they’re non-comedogenic and won’t clog your pores.)

Do you have a theatre-related resolution? Share it with me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Bryan Nelson

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