Throwback Thursday: Stunt Doubles!

Throwback Thursday: Stunt Doubles! This week’s very silly, late-night throwback goes back to September 2013, when Shawn and I got to be “stunt doubles” for Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz! Actually, we just had an amazing character experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during our honeymoon, with the aforementioned stars of Wreck-It Ralph. We somehow ended up dressing very similarly to the characters that day (totally unplanned), who took one look at us and walked away from the meet-and-greet area! The character assistants told them to get back to work, as we were not their stunt doubles! It was a really hilarious and lovely experience, and proof that Disney magic isn’t just for kids! Here are Shawn and I with Ralph and Vanellope. Great doubling work, eh? Throwback Thursday: Stunt Doubles!

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