Want to get your fight on? Come to the Palace!

Want to get your fight on? Come to the Palace!

Have you ever dreamed about kicking down a door, throwing a drink in someone’s face, or being able to throw a huge roundhouse punch?  I always do, but I don’t actually want to get into a real fight!  (I would be getting myself the hell out of there if someone tried to pick a real fight with me!)

Either way, you should definitely come out to a special event at the Palace Theatre: A Stage Combat Information Night!

I will definitely be there getting my fight on!  Stage combat is so much fun, but of course you need to learn how to do it safely before you even think about picking up a sword!  Everyone is welcome; details are below!

The London Community Players & Shrew’d Business Present A Stage Combat Information Night

An informative Lecture/Demonstration to benefit Producers, Directors, Stage Managers, Props People, Actors, and any others who may be involved with, or in the vicinity of staged violence and theatrical weapons.

Attendees will learn:
~ The basic principals of unarmed and armed combat,
~ How to safely handle and store weapons,
~ The significance of a Fight Director and Fight Captain,
~ And information about other issues related to theatrical violence.

There will also be a hands-on display of weapons through the ages.

Sunday, October 19th 2014, 6 to 8pm
The Bank, 762 Dundas St.
(East of The Palace & English St.)

Cost: $10 (to benefit restoration work at The Palace Theatre)

Call the office to register: 519-432-1029

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