Thankful Thursday: So Much Happiness!

Thankful Thursday: So Much Happiness!

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Things are absolutely crazy-go-nuts busy in Kerryland, but it’s all good things (as Martha Stewart might say).  Some days it’s back-to-back rehearsals, some days it’s never-ending meetings, but it’s all leading up to amazingness.

This week has been all about…

  • Shawn and I had a super-fun roadtrip weekend celebrating our one-year anniversary of marriage.  We did the touristy thing and travelled to Niagara Falls and to Toronto, and ate our frozen year-old wedding cake.  I’ll be recapping our trip on the blog very soon!
  • Auditions for The Wedding Singer started on Monday and continue tonight.  The kids are great and they seem to be just as excited about the show as I am!
  • I am getting more involved in various online communities and they are so fantastic and filled with wonderful, supportive people.  Veronica Varlow‘s The Parlour, Xandra BurnsBlogwarts, and of course, The Blogcademy (for which our flights and hotel are officially booked!), are all the bees knees.
  • My sorority sisters from Beta Sigma Phi are lovely and I’m looking forward to another year of friendship and sisterhood.
  • Getting snail mail (or rather, owl post) is the best.
  • I’ve started a new feature on the blog, Wednesday Words of Wisdom, and I’m super excited about it.  It’s small and silly but I love it.  I’ve already got six posts pre-planned for upcoming Wednesdays!
  • I love my MacBook.  I will oftentimes be typing away at my cute purple computer (“Wild Orchid” is the technical name for it!) and just exclaim, “I LOVE MY COMPUTER!!!” to the chagrin of whoever is sitting near me.
  • Other little things I’m loving: learning to knit stuff other than scarves and dishcloths, Jones Soda fortunes, store brand knockoff Oreo cookies, guacamole by the bowlful, soup and more soup, playing Animal Crossing: Wild World on my DSi (I really do need to get with the program and get a 3DS but I’m saving up for an Instax camera… hint hint), ORGANIZING MY LIFE, travel-sized cosmetics, and trips to Sephora.

What has brought you sunshine this week?  Share in the comments!

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