Thankful Thursday: Six Months?!

Thankful Thursday: Six Months?!
One of my Peter Pan kiddos gave me this beautiful card this week. I love it.

Has it seriously been six months since I’ve posted a Thankful Thursday?  Ridiculous!  So much has happened since then; much of which has already been documented on the blog.  But let’s dive into what has happened in the last week; which has been absolutely packed full of craziness!  Complete with photos!

This week has been all about…

  • Getting over the dreaded pinkeye!  It’s all gone!
  • Watching a rehearsal for Ladies Room, which is performing at the London Fringe Festival NOW!  Go see it!
  • Speaking of the Fringe, it’s officially open!  Go see some shows!
  • Getting together with the cast of Disney’s Peter Pan Jr. for a reunion and seeing The Secret Garden together!
Thankful Thursday: Six Months?!
I love these kids!
  • Having a nice Friday night off with Shawn and watching Dr. No!
  • Combat rehearsals for Macbeth are always a good time.
Thankful Thursday: Six Months?!
A screen capture from the rehearsal video we filmed. Filming your choreography is so helpful for your actors to use as a resource (and so you actually remember what you choreographed!).
  • Going for frozen yogurt with Shawn and absolutely loading my froyo up with maraschino cherries (my fav!).
  • Some great rehearsals for Through the Looking Glass.
Thankful Thursday: Six Months?!
I don’t even know WHAT is going on in this photo.
  • An awesome dinner of chilli, heaped with cheese, served in a bread bowl at Shawn’s cousin Justin’s, with lots of talk about Game of Thrones.
  • Watching WWE Payback with Shawn, Rob and Angus is always fun, especially marking out over Bo Dallas being the worst ever and Batista’s blue tights.  (Yes, I watch pro wrestling.  Move along, nothing to see here.)
  • OKTC Grad Gala was a huge tearjerker as always.  Such a fun-filled, emotional event.  All the spring musical casts came back to perform; the Grade 8 graduates shared their best OKTC moment thus far; and the Grade 12 grads moved everyone to tears.  I was a mess at the end.  I’ve said it so many times… I love these kids so much.
  • I performed in the Fringe Performer Showcase, promoting the Retro Electro Sideshow (which you should DEFINITELY NOT GO TO!).
Thankful Thursday: Six Months?!
Scans complete. TimeCops ready.
  • I had a great time speaking with Lindsay of tonight about all things youth theatre related.  I’ll be appearing on their podcast in July… can’t wait to hear it!  Hopefully I didn’t sound too much like a doof!
  • Met with a very excited group of Original Kids to discuss a potential Walt Disney World trip in the fall… how cool would that be?!
  • Fun evening with my sorority sisters, discussing and laughing about EVERYTHING you can imagine!
  • Long chats with good friends.
  • I’ve been participating in Veronica Varlow’s peepshow challenge — a photo a day of your life.  I’m up to Day 18!  Follow the fun on my Instagram.
  • Looking forward to travelling to Toronto tomorrow for a mini-vacation to see Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre‘s new show, Speakeasy!  We’re staying at the Toronto Marriott Bloor Yorkville Hotel… I’m excited to be staying at a hotel that I’ve never been to before!  I’ve been chatting with them on Twitter and looking forward to a new experience!  Of course, I’ll be recapping it all here!

How has your week been going?  Share the fun in the comments!

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