Linktastic – May 21, 2014

Linktastic - May 21, 2014
My mom came over the other day and put up my bulletin board, tool display board and shelf in my “studio” (aka a corner of the spare room). I LOVE my little corner!

Happy Birthday to my amazing cousin, Jennifer!  I’m celebrating at home with pinkeye.  Boo urns!  But rather than dwell on that, let’s enjoy some linkage, shall we?

“Early on, we praise young actors entirely too much for their ability to memorize their lines. Yes, it makes them feel good, but it also makes them think it’s a big deal and to some, something that’s “difficult.” But it’s not. You simply put in the time and get it done. As soon as you get the script in your hand and know your character, you memorize your lines.”


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