Shifting Into Show Week

Shifting Into Show Week
Re-creating the Mrs. Ballyshannon poster. Look at those terrible roots on me!

Happy May!  This week has been crazy busy, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.  I have been in rehearsals for both Mrs. Ballyshannon’s School for Orphaned and Afflicted Girls Presents Jane Eyre (which opens on May 6) and Secret Lives of a Sex Doll (which performs May 3), as well as attending Founder’s Day celebrations with my sorority sisters, and rehearsals for Through the Looking Glass!  Such is the life of an actor though — juggling multiple rehearsals with day-to-day life is the norm.

To attempt to maintain some semblance of sanity, I have to keep lists.  I keep them both in my iPhone and in my Moleskine day planner.  (Yes, I’m old-school like that.)  Here are some of my to-do’s going into show week!

  • Dye my roots (Done!  Should have done this before we took publicity photos though… d’oh!)
  • Take off old nail polish (they didn’t wear nail polish in the 1850s)
  • Pack hair/makeup kit for Ballyshannon (including brush, elastics, hairpins, moisturizer, makeup)
  • Sort costume pieces that I am supplying for both Ballyshannon and Secret Lives (appropriate undergarments and black tights for Ballyshannon, dress, heels, scarf for Secret Lives)
  • Review scripts (always!)
  • Promote shows online and IRL
  • Buy foundation (I don’t actually own any… only tinted moisturizer and concealer!)
  • Tidy apartment (check schedule and pre-plan tasks)
  • Write and update blog (in progress!)

What are some tasks that you have to accomplish prior to show week?  How do you prepare?  Share your process in the comments!

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