Thankful Thursday: Happy New Year!

Thankful Thursday: Happy New Year!
All bundled up at a New Year’s Party… in a garage!
I just pretended I was in Game of Thrones…

It’s 2014!  I hope you have been taking some time to think about what your goals for 2014 are, and how you’re going to achieve them.  I know I have been!

This has been another week of fun!  It’s been all about…

  • Being super-productive on Friday, after going-going-going like crazy for the past two weeks!  I uploaded a bunch of wedding photos to Facebook (after being hassled by my cousins, aunt and mother for weeks about it), did some cleaning in the “black hole of death” (aka our spare room… you can actually see the floor now!), watched Mean Girls on television (one of my favourite movies ever!), and packed my suitcase…
  • …for our Toronto adventure!  On Saturday, Shawn, Kendryth, Andrew and I drove to Toronto to see Les Misérables, and stayed at the Trump Hotel Toronto!  More details to come soon!
  • Lunch in Cambridge at Lone Star Texas Grill, with an amazing server!  “Lil Fox” was fantastic!
  • Watching “Up” on Sunday night for the first time, and crying like a baby!
  • I started P90X on Monday, and it’s been an awesome challenge.  I’m excited to get fit and strong this year!
  • Dinner at the Fox & Fiddle with Kate and Nick, who were visiting from British Columbia, and a bunch of awesome theatre peeps!
  • New Year’s Eve party at Shawn friend Aaron’s man-cave!  Lots of friends, euchre, and champagne!
  • New Year’s Day was spent at Shawn’s cousin Justin’s place, watching the Winter Classic — which, for those non-Canadians, is a giant outdoor hockey game, this year featuring Shawn’s all-time favourite team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.  I’m a Chicago Blackhawks fan, so I wasn’t so much into it, but it was a good game, nonetheless.
  • Today was back to work for the first time after the holidays, and it was good to get back to OKTC and get things sorted for the new season… which starts on Monday!
  • I borrowed Shawn’s father’s copy of season 1 of Game of Thrones, and I’m obsessed now!  I can’t wait to get the books and get caught up on seasons two and three!

How have you spent the first few days of 2014?  Share in the comments!

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