Thankful Thursday: Happy Holidays!

Thankful Thursday: Happy Holidays!
Shawn and I got a Roomba! Shawn also got me a whole bunch of Star Wars goodies, and this awesome Animal ornament!
Also… there’s something suspicious going on in my Mom’s nativity scene…

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope that you’ve been enjoying this time with family and friends!

This week has been all about…

  • The continuation of the week of parties!  Shawn’s birthday was on the 19th, and we had a great dinner over at his parents’ place with a bunch of the Clarks!
  • Friday – a fun holiday party at my friend Heather’s place, complete with Secret Santa gift exchange and an ugly Christmas sweater competition!
  • Saturday – I attended a Winter Solstice celebration at Heaven Scent in Wortley Village with a group of lovely ladies and lots of goodies!
  • Shawn and I also went to another party, this time at Shawn’s cousin Amanda’s new home!
  • Sunday – Mexican dinner and gift exchange with Kendryth and Andrew!
  • Monday – first day of vacation!  Shawn and I went to see Saving Mr. Banks at the theatre (which was excellent) and just happened to be at the same showing as Ceris, Joe and Andrew!
  • Tuesday – Christmas at my Dad’s, and the annual Hishon Christmas get-together at Uncle Jack’s.  My dad is one of nine kids, who all had kids of their own, and those kids are starting to have kids of their own!  So we pack a lot of Hishons into one home!
  • Wednesday – Christmas day!  Shawn made French toast for breakfast, then we opened presents, then we watched the Disney Christmas Parade (again, another Hishon family tradition!).  After that, we went to Shawn’s Nana’s home to spend the day with the Clark family.
  • Today was Boxing Day, and I was thankful to NOT go Boxing Day shopping!  Instead, I slept in and had a relaxing morning, and then Shawn and I went to my Mom’s for our third Christmas get-together, this time with the Floods (my mom’s side of the family) and the Coles (my stepdad Wayne’s family).
  • I was absolutely spoiled with gifts and goodies, and it was great to see my family (all the various bits of it!) and eat a ton of delicious food!

What has been the best part of your holidays so far?  Have you received any amazing presents?  Share in the comments!

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