Thankful Thursday: Out and About!

Thankful Thursday: Out and About!
Hanging out with my Dad’s adorable puppy Taya!

It’s a late-night Thankful Thursday!  This week has been all about:

  • Duel Love: amazing closing performance, hanging out with the cast and crew at Moxie’s, a fun workshop, and the awards ceremony!  (Plus an epic trip to William’s Coffee Pub… oh dear!)
  • Visiting my dad for his birthday and taking him out for dinner, including one of the best bowls of potato soup that I’ve ever had!
  • Hanging out with Dad’s puppy, Taya!  So adorable!  She had just gone to the groomer and had a cute little bow and a pink sweater.  My dad!  Puppy!  Pink puppy sweater!  This just does not compute, lol.
  • Watching tons of old Girls Next Door episodes!
  • Sorority city council meetings, always an interesting time.
  • Date night with Shawn!  Went to see Thor: The Dark World and ate tons of popcorn.  Got a giant Sprite with a Mjölnir keychain on the top, which brings my keychain weapon collection up to 2.  (I also have Jack Sparrow’s cutlass in keychain form!)
  • Just got back from a hot date with Kendryth, seeing a preview performance of Musical Theatre Productions’ Oklahoma at the Palace Theatre!  I’ll be posting more about this tomorrow!
  • Looking forward to going shopping in Michigan on Sunday with Kendryth and the girls!
  • And… I’m going to be an auntie again!  🙂  Shawn’s sister is having her second child VERY soon!

Have you been on any fun outings this week?  Who did you hang out with?  Share your stories in the comments!

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