Thankful Thursday: Happy Halloween!

Thankful Thursday: Happy Halloween!
Pirates don’t have to brush their hair!

Happy Halloween!  I just got home from spending a rainy Halloween with my mom, where we ate dinner, handed out Halloween candy (to all 15-ish kids who came by!), made pumpkin butterscotch cookies and looked at my wedding photos!

This week has been all about…

  • Hanging out with the Original Kids and laughing a lot… and them asking when Shawn and I are planning on having babies?!  (Seems like I have a whole bunch of eager prospective baby-sitters!)
  • Getting my Arbonne order in the mail!  I love mail, lol.
  • Mad-dash costume shopping!
  • Going to Toronto for Maggie’s birthday!  We went shopping in the Eaton Centre, ate dinner at Little India, went to a costume party and stayed up until 4 AM!  Lots of talking about future races and running goals too… love it.
Thankful Thursday: Happy Halloween!
My hair is a bit of a wreck, but it’s perfect for my costume as Wreck-It Ralph’s friend Vanellope von Schweetz!
And Maggie is looking gorgeous as always!
  • Making tons and tons of lists!
  • Working on stage combat with the cast of OKTC’s The Hobbit… awesome cast and crew!
  • Planning for my sister-in-law’s upcoming baby shower and my dad’s 65th birthday!
  • Reminiscing about Curse of the Cobra’s Kiss (OKTC Halloween 2013)… what a great show.
  • Eating tons of spaghetti!
  • I am loving the fact that I’m getting so much wear out of my pirate skirt and peasant shirt.  I’ve worn the pirate skirt to at least three events since I got it for my birthday, and the peasant shirt will be appearing in Duel Love.  Speaking of…
  • More rehearsals for Duel Love… it’s coming up quickly!  And on that note… it’s six days until LOAF, and Duel Love gave to me…
Thankful Thursday: Happy Halloween!
Six flimsy swords!
Photo Credit: Heather May

What did you do for Halloween?  Did you dress up?  Share your stories in the comments!

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