Thankful Thursday: Eating ALL the Marshmallows!

Thankful Thursday: Eating ALL the Marshmallows!
Fun at Canada’s Wonderland! Shawn and I tried our hands (and feet!) at that ridiculous ladder game, and ran into a bunch of Original Kids!

This week has been all about:

  • Going to Canada’s Wonderland with friends and running into all the CampOK counselors there!  I think the best reaction was when I was in line for the Psyclone and hearing, “KERRY HISHON” screamed out by a bunch of the boys!  LOL!  I love roller coasters, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been on every single one in this park.  I’d love to go to Cedar Point someday — it has even more intense coasters!
  • Discovering the amazingness that is Bass Pro Shops… camping and hunting gear galore, guns that shoot mini marshmallows, camo-print furniture and human-sized frying pans!
  • Late-night adventures in Toronto and staying at the Trump Hotel Toronto!!!  OMG — what an amazing experience living in the lap of luxury for a night!
  • Brett Lawrie bobblehead day!  Go Jays Go!  Followed by fajitas at Lone Star… amazing.
  • Eating all the marshmallows!  Om nom nom…
Thankful Thursday: Eating ALL the Marshmallows!
Who could possibly need a frying pan that big?! My newest acquisition… a marshmallow shooter! Check out the insane bed at Trump Hotel Toronto, and hangin’ out with Ace at the Jays game!
  • Hooking up the old N64 and playing Paper Mario.  Oh the memories!  Shy Guy Toybox… Yoshi Island… Toad Town… awesome!
  • For the past fifteen years, Original Kids Theatre Company has partnered with the Thames Valley Children’s Centre to put on the Dress Up & Drama camp, where TVCC clients who use Augmentative and alternative communication are the actors in plays written and directed by Original Kids main cast company members.  This year included adaptations from Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, How to Train your Dragon and more!  I’m so proud of the TVCC actors (three of whom were graduating this year!) and of the Original Kids who participated this year!
  • Getting my wedding dress fitted!  The wedding is getting closer and closer… 😀
  • More puppet events at the Palace Theatre!  Puppet building, watching The Muppet Show on the big screen, puppet improv, puppet movies, live-action puppet fun and meeting ANIMAL!
  • Discovering the GrumpyBomb app.  Download it.  Seriously.  You will thank me.  😛
  • Getting our Walt Disney World honeymoon details and luggage tags in the mail!!!
Thankful Thursday: Eating ALL the Marshmallows!
Making shadow puppets at the Palace; meeting ANIMAL!!!
An awesome gift from one of my students; and getting ready for Disney!

What has been making you smile this week?  Share it in the comments!

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