Thankful Thursday: I Can’t Believe It’s August!

Thankful Thursday: I Can't Believe It's August!
Shawn and I are excited about all the adventures we’ve been having…
and about more adventures to come!

July has gone by crazy fast — I can’t believe it!  This will be a short one, as I’m heading to the doctor to get my ear looked at (my hearing has been muffled since Sunday… ugh!) and then tonight Shawn and I are headed to Toronto to attend the premiere of the new show at Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre!  I’m really excited for that!

So… let’s get to it!  This week has been all about:

And with that, I’m off!  I hope your week has been busy and fun, too!

Do you have any fun plans for August?  Let me know in the comments!

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