Thankful Thursday: Out On The Town!

Thankful Thursday: Out On The Town!
Here I am with some of the lovely members of the cast of OKTC’s Grease!
Photo Credit: Bryan Nelson

This week has been filled with spending quality time with friends, and of course, Shawn!  I’ve been spending a lot of time getting ready for camping this weekend with Shawn and his cousins, and getting more wedding details taken care of!

This week has been all about:

  • Sushi adventures with Shawn, Kody, Annika, and my new best buddy Liam (who is one of the cutest two-year-olds I’ve met!).
  • Cards Against Humanity… such a horrible, hilarious game.  Think Apples to Apples on crack.
  • Planning our handfasting ceremony with our officiant!  Our wedding is getting closer and closer… eek!
  • My sorority sister Carrie’s birthday party at Palasad, complete with pool, glow bowling, and an Airstream trailer full of arcade prizes!
  • Puppet Making Day 3: Return of the Puppets!
  • Planning our honeymoon!!!  We’re dreaming of Disney
  • Getting my wedding dress fitted!!!
  • Visiting the tech rehearsal for OKTC’s production of Grease, which opens tomorrow!  Opening night is sold out, but there are still great tickets available for the rest of the shows!
  • Getting a new baseball glove… and it’s pink!  😛
  • Horrible movie nights (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin), less-than-horrible movie nights (Kick-Ass, Ocean’s Twelve, and a bunch of James Bond films on cable… gotta love Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig!), and dozing off during movie nights (The Time Machine with Guy Pearce… I’ll have to give it another go).
  • The Lovers, The Dreamers and You Podcast #12 is live!
  • Visits from Beth and Katie at work!  So good to see them!
  • Assembling goody bags for Puppet Fest at the Palace Theatre… coming up on August 13-15!
Thankful Thursday: Out On The Town!
Carrie’s birthday party with my sorority sisters; Rydell High Class of 2013;
Glowing blue at the Palasad; A goody bag assembly line!

Have you spent some quality time with your friends lately?  Tell me about it in the comments!

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