Thankful Thursday: Summer Fun!

Thankful Thursday: Summer Fun!
Fun times at karaoke; Lunch at the Malibu with Rob and his milkshake;
[THEY FIGHT!] on the marquee at the Palace; Coloured lollipops = funky tongues!

Happy Independence Day to all my American friends!  *insert fireworks here*

July has barely begun, and so far it has been all about celebrating, fun, and friendship.  Lots to be thankful for!

This week it’s been all about:

  • Having Shawn’s niece stay over at our place last weekend — definitely a good lesson in future parenting!
  • Spending time with all the Clarks again!
  • Karaoke at the Ale House!
  • Making wedding jam with Mom and Shawn — almost 80 jars!
  • Rehearsing and performing the remount of [THEY FIGHT!] at the Palace Theatre to a huge, appreciative audience…
  • …and the squib for the Buffy scene working perfectly!!!  Huge dust cloud that hung in the air… awesome!
  • Podcasting with the TLTDAY team, and coming up with a ton of good ideas!
  • Seeing four different fireworks displays from our balcony on Canada Day!
  • Getting an amazing caterer for the wedding!!!
  • Visiting CampOK today with Ellen and getting a ton of hugs from my kids!
  • Ice cream and warm weather!
Thankful Thursday: Summer Fun!
Burying Shawn in toys and pillows; Visits with Dad at the Erie Drive-In; Unimpressed cat is unimpressed!

What are you loving this week?  Share in the comments!

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