The Artist’s Way: Week 7

The Artist's Way: Week 7
One of this week’s Artist Way exercises.
I’m not great at drawing but I like the colours.

The theme of Week 7 is “Recovering a Sense of Connection.”

Morning pages: 7/7
This week I had trouble sleeping again and I kept waking up progressively later and later.  However, I have absolutely no desire to give up my morning pages.  On Wednesday I got some inspiration about fixing up my blog posts for Pinterest and working on the images on my site, and I did do that.  But on a lot of the other days I did a lot of whining and worrying and bitching and complaining about all sorts of stuff.  I’m sure I’ve said this before but I think it’s good to get the crap out of my head so I can be open to better things to come into my brain!

Artist date: completed
I actually went on two artist dates this week and saw three plays!  On Friday I saw The Laramie Project at OKTC as well as Romeo & Juliet at CCH with my friend Brock.  And today I went to see Willy Wonka Jr. at St. Theresa P.S. because one of my Little Mermaid actors was in it and invited me to come.  How could I say no?  He even gave me a lollipop in character as the Candy Man!  It was awesome!  The actor’s mom kept saying how happy they were that I attended… made me feel really good.  🙂

Synchronicity: I don’t know if I experienced any synchronicity this week.  I did some fun things (puppet-making workshop, running, seeing the shows I mentioned above), but I was also really tired this week.  I feel like I slept a lot but didn’t really feel rested.  Maybe this is my body’s way of telling me that I really need to take good care of myself, especially because May and June are going to be really hectic in terms of rehearsals and performing for Fringe.  Not to mention lots to do at OKTC, especially with Cinderella, Spamalot, and Titanic all opening one after another.

Thoughts: I really need to focus on staying healthy and keeping the apartment tidy, because it could really explode into chaos if I let it.  I also need to keep myself accountable for a blogging schedule.  I started strong on Monday but petered out throughout the week.  When I have free time I should try to at least outline something.

I really didn’t enjoy the task about remembering less favourable aspects of my past.  That’s where I want to keep them — the past.  Dredging up bad memories was not so fun.  But I did enjoy writing about favourite movies and topics to read about, and the tasks that involved positive self-care, such as wearing a favourite article of clothing.  I chose my new dress; it’s super-cute and comfortable.

New Dress!
Dress: Marshalls
Leggings: Garage
Boots: Payless

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