The joys of lighting design

Techies at work.Photo Credit: Malcolm Miller
Techies at work.
Photo Credit: Malcolm Miller

Ceris wrote a great article over on TLTDAY about what makes the best lighting designer.  From her post:

Mood, sense, time, place – lighting design will give you all of these things. Lighting can scare you, inspire you or feel barely noticeable at all, but it will totally affect your sense of appreciation of the production!

I spent most of the afternoons of March 5 and 6 with our OKTC tech director, Joe, designing the lights for The Little Mermaid Jr.  To be perfectly honest, lighting design is probably my least liked aspect of directing a show.  While I love lights for their ability to create mood and atmosphere, the process of designing and setting the light levels is incredibly tedious for me.  I am not a patient person!  TLMJr had 130 lighting cues, which took a long time to figure out.  And that’s small potatoes — it’s only a 90 minute show.  I’m sure I had more cues for Annie Warbucks, which was a two-hour long show.  I can’t imagine how many lighting cues go into a Broadway show like American Idiot, which was incredibly tech-heavy.

What are your thoughts on lighting?  What is your favourite (or least favourite) aspect of tech theatre?  Share your thoughts in the comments!

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