Twitter people you should be following!

Tweet tweet!
Tweet tweet!

I love posting on Twitter.  It’s full of interesting people and ideas and it’s super-easy to find tons of links to even more ideas, concepts, thoughts and other randomosity.  Having a Twitter account can be a great platform for self-promotion too!  As of this posting, I follow 215 people/groups on Twitter and I have 254 followers.  I admit that I do have issues with following friends simply because they’re your friends and they’re following you, but they don’t post on a regular basis, but such is life, eh?

Anyway, here’s a list of a bunch of awesome people that you should follow on Twitter.  All of them post at least semi-regularly, otherwise I wouldn’t be recommending them.  So if you know that I follow you but haven’t linked you here… then get posting!

Disclaimer: Guaranteed I’ll forget someone amazing and they’ll be pissed.  Just let me know… or link yourself in the comments!

First and Foremost (#awesomesauce)

London, Ontario Theatre (#ldnont)

  • @theatreinlondon: Theatre in, the source for all things London theatre related.
  • @TVCLondon: The Voices Collective, a new theatre company in London, established just this year.
  • @ESP_LDN: Empty Space Productions, another new theatre company in London.
  • @MTP_London: Musical Theatre Productions.
  • @theartsproject: The Arts Project.
  • @LondonFringe: London Fringe Festival!
  • @elanknits: Ellen tweets and blogs about all things theatre and knitting-related.
  • @atthepalace: The Palace Theatre on Dundas Street.  Amazing shows, including ones I’ve appeared in such as Treasure Island and The Three Musketeers.

Theatre Worldwide

  • @kendavenport: Ken Davenport, Broadway producer and writer of The Producer’s Perspective, an amazing blog.
  • @celiakb: Celia Keenan-Bolger.  Currently appearing as Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher on Broadway (@StarcatcherBway).  Obviously, I want to be her.
  • @sfosternyc: Sutton F-ing Foster!!!
  • @KrystinaAlabado: Krystina Alabado was part of American Idiot on Broadway and on the AI tour (@IdiotOnTour), as part of the ensemble and also understudy for Whatsername and Extraordinary Girl.
  • @stratfest: Stratford Festival.  I saw my very first show here, and graduated high school on the Avon Theatre stage.


  • @AmbitionDaily: Awesome inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts.
  • @zen_habits: Leo Babauta is amazing. He writes about everything. Just follow him.
  • @fightbobby: Bobby Lashley is an MMA fighter and former WWE wrestler but his inspirational posts are awesome.
  • @stevepavlina: Steve Pavlina, author of Personal Development for Smart People.
  • @yesandyes: Because yes is more fun than no.
  • @galadarling: Radical self-love.

Who are some people you follow on Twitter?  Share them in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Twitter people you should be following!

  1. well first and foremost @atthepalace otherwise we whine all over twitter that you forgot us. What about:


  2. I also follow Lin Manuel Miranda, composer, lyricist, performer & awesome guy!
    Neil Patrick Harris
    Wil Wheaton
    Joseph Gordon Levitt
    All amazing and all 3 named guys. Follow me on twitter to find them! @LoversDreamersU

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