Teaching Miss Twiddle

Yesterday I met with the cast and crew of The Twiddle Plays, being presented by Maybles’ Productions, to help out with some stage combat.  It was great to work with friends new and old!  Although that Miss Twiddle… she was TERRIFYING!  Watch out, she may use her new-found combat skills on the next person who crosses her… 😉

The director, Heather May, left this lovely comment on Facebook:
“It was wonderful having Kerry Hishon at our rehearsal for “The TWIDDLE PLAYS” last night.  When it comes to choreographing a fight scene – no matter how long, short, complex or simple it is – hire a professional!  Thanks again Kerry!” 

Thank YOU, Heather!  Be sure to check out Heather’s blog, Stage Crazy!

You should definitely check out The Twiddle Plays!  Here’s the details:

Maybles’ Productions presents:

“Miss. Twiddle and the Devil”
followed by
“Miss. Twiddle Meets an Angel”
~2 one-act comedies written by Maury Hill~

A Comedy about a woman who is SO EVIL that the Devil himself tries to save her soul…
…so he doesn’t have to put up with her for an eternity in HELL!

Wed. May 16th @8pm (tickets are 2-for-$15)
Thurs. May 17th @8pm (Opening Night in 3D!!! tix are $15)
Fri. May 18th @8pm (tix are $15)
Sat. May 19th @2pm (tix are $15)
Sat. May 19th @8pm (tix are $15)

Playing at The ARTS Project
203 Dundas St., London, ON N6A 1G4

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