100 Things: Learn to Purl

So far, this blog has been primarily for me to document my burgeoning theatre career.  But since I’ve added my “100 Things” page, I’ve decided that I’m also going to track those things here too.  Why?  Because they’re interesting.  (At least, I think so.)  And I love crossing things off of lists.  And I love learning and trying new things.  And because this is my blog… so there!  =P

Today’s thing was actually pretty simple.  I first learned to knit when I was 10.  Since then, I’ve made tons and tons of dishcloths (ridiculously easy… knit two, yarn over, knit to the end… after 44 stitches, knit one, knit two together, yarn over, knit two together, knit to the end… done) and some scarves.  But I’ve never been able to knit anything more difficult or intricate than that.

My friend Rachel is a fantastic knitter.  She knit a gorgeous blanket for our friend Liz as a going-away present, and she also knits these really cute bunnies too, and makes them into Christmas tree ornaments.  So after chatting with Rachel and expressing my frustration about my inability to purl (aka bitchin’ about stitchin’), I spontaneously decided to learn to purl.  This video was really helpful.  So I practiced.  My first purl stitches were painstakingly slow and loose.  I contemplated ripping the row out and starting over, but I decided to just barrel on and continue.  Somehow I managed to add a stitch somewhere (I figured out where… in my first purl row!) but I don’t really care.  It’s my first piece, and I’m not going to beat myself up over one stitch.  I’m going to turn it into a bunny anyway, nobody will notice!

So here’s my first attempt at purling (yes, I’m making a green bunny):

Learning to purl

And the other side (excuse my hand, the piece kept curling up!):

Learning to purl

So there you have it!  A fairly easy thing to cross off my list, but I’ve been procrastinating on doing this, so I’m glad to complete it!  Number 42, learn to purl, is COMPLETE!

How to purl video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s48DC7S2lSI
Knitted bunny pattern: http://www.heartstringsfiberarts.com/bunny-pattern.shtm

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