How To Costume Your Show

How to Costume Your Show

How wonderful would it be if you had a lineup of famous designers lined up and an unlimited budget to costume your upcoming theatrical production?  That's the dream, isn't it?  Unfortunately, it's not the case with most youth, community, or school productions.  But don't despair... just get creative!  Here are some tips for costuming your next show! …

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How to Effectively Run a Rehearsal With Young Actors

How to Effectively Run a Rehearsal With Young Actors

We are now one month less three days until Disney's Peter Pan Jr. opens at OKTC (March 7, in case you're wondering... click here to buy your tickets!) and we just finished blocking and choreographing the entire show yesterday! Going forward, we are going to be focusing on running the show, line memorization, and focusing …

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OKTC’s Spring 2014 Season Tickets — On Sale Now!!!

I'm so excited -- tickets for the Original Kids Theatre Company's Spring 2014 season, "I Dream, I Wish" are on sale NOW!!! Go to or call 519-679-8989 to purchase your tickets! If I may make a suggestion... (click on the logos to purchase tickets!) Disney's Peter Pan Jr. March 7 at 12PM  (Special P.A. Day …

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Director’s Diary: On Casting

Dear Actors, You know that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when you're waiting for your casting to arrive?  The anticipation is gnawing at you... you just can't wait to find out what part you'll be playing in the show you just auditioned for!  You're full of nerves as you scan the list, …

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2013: The Year in Review!

Back in July, I did a mid-year check-in, going over some of the highlights of the year thus far.  The second part of 2013 was no less exciting and busy as the first part! July Rehearsed and performed a remount of [THEY FIGHT!] at the Palace Theatre to a huge, appreciative audience Made 80 jars of …

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