2016: The Year in Review

2016: The Year in Review

It’s that time again… time to look back over the previous year and reflect on everything that has happened. 2016 has been a year of ups and downs, successes and challenges. I think we can all agree that it’s time to move ahead and focus on the good things to come. But for a short while, I’m looking back over the things that happened throughout the year. Thanks for sticking with me!

If you’re curious, check out my reviews of 20152014 and 2013.

January started with archery tag, recording a podcast, visiting Toronto and seeing Kinky Boots, and going to the Brickenden Awards.

February saw the start of Tarzan rehearsals (which basically consumed my life until May), celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Original Kids Theatre Company in the midst of a snowstorm, visiting the London RV show and dreaming of buying a trailer, enjoying my cousin Jacalyn’s baby shower, and celebrating my stepdad’s 60th birthday.

March was a busy month! I saw The Great All-American Musical Disaster at Lucas Secondary School, and then was off to New York City with the Original Kids (my third time with OKTC but my fifth time to the city). I saw nine shows (including Something Rotten twice!), met Christian Borle, Adam Pascal, and Tavi Gevinson, hung out backstage at the Slipper Room with the lovely Veronica Varlow, experienced the madness of Sleep No More, took a longsword class taught by my pal Jared Kirby, and overall had an amazing time. Ceris and I recorded another podcast, and created an Instagram challenge for April. I celebrated my 33rd birthday by winning tickets to see Metric in concert and enjoyed the show with my friend Kate. Shawn and I also squeezed in an impromptu roadtrip to Toronto.

2016: The Year in Review

In April, Brock and I taught a swordfighting combination to two grade six classes, I recorded a course for the Drama Teacher Academy, created violence for Musical Theatre Productions’ Heathers the Musical, started a five-week yoga course, and saw a Blue Jays game.

In May I got to host the 2016 OKTC Playfest Awards Ceremony, and my mom and I made enough mac & cheese to feed an army (the secret ingredient was cauliflower). The rest of the month was consumed by Tarzan, which sold out the entire run before it even opened. I also got a mole on my shoulder removed, which turned out to be a basal cell carcinoma. For the record, I am absolutely fine, the doctor got it all out, and my scar is healing really well. But PLEASE avoid tanning beds and always wear sunscreen! I will keep bugging everyone about that!!! I finished out the month celebrating at the OKTC Grad Gala, which is always a bit of a tearjerker.

2016: The Year in Review

June started out with me appearing on Xandra‘s Heroine Training webinar, which was a lot of fun! I also appeared in a one-night-only performance of Campus Martius with a bunch of fun theatre friends in the London Fringe Festival, and went to the Oxford Renaissance Festival with my friend Cole. Shawn and his cousin Justin also built me a garden in the backyard.

My mom, my aunt, and I flew out to Sault Ste. Marie over the Canada Day weekend in July to visit my cousin Jennifer, which was a lot of fun. We went shopping across the border, played Cards Against Humanity, and ate tons of delicious food! My friend Lizz introduced me to the fun of geocaching (we also had a lovely outdoor adventure with Nicole), and Shawn and I went to see a WWE house show at Budweiser Gardens.

2016: The Year in Review

August started out with a visit to Rib-fest (and the largest cherry lemonade I’ve ever experienced), and consisted of gardening, reading, and a visit to my in-laws’ trailer.

September also began with a visit to the in-laws’ trailer. I started teaching OKTC’s T.A.G. (The Actor Grows) classes again, as well as started rehearsals as fight director for OKTC’s production of She Kills Monsters. I appeared on Theatrefolk’s podcast, chatting about theatre etiquette. I went to the London Psychic Expo, which was very enlightening! I also went with my mom to see Macbeth at the Stratford Festival.

In October, I received my first introduction to Thirty-One Gifts with a party at Kendryth’s, and received first-aid training with the rest of the OKTC staff. Over Thanksgiving weekend, Shawn and I travelled with Justin and Amanda to Pittsburgh for the first time. They went to see the Pittsburgh Steelers and I saw The Toxic Avenger. We also visited the Andy Warhol Museum, went up the Monongahela Incline and gorged ourselves with amazing Mexican food. At the end of the month, Shawn and I saw I Mother Earth and Our Lady Peace in concert, and had fun at Justin’s Halloween party. I also started loom knitting! (I’m obsessed.)

2016: The Year in Review

In November, Shawn and I travelled to Toronto to see Pentatonix in concert (SO GOOD). Shawn also got to meet Wendel Clark (his favourite Toronto Maple Leaf player of all time). Both She Kills Monsters and the T.A.G. showcases had fabulous performances as well.

And it all comes back around to December. I started out the month hosting my own Thirty-One Gifts party (and my mom and I cooked our brains out). OKTC announced their Spring 2017 season lineup, including my two upcoming productions: Peter and the Starcatcher and Disney’s High School Musical 2 Jr.

2016: The Year in Review

It’s been a really busy year. You may have noticed that my blogging here has become fairly sporadic and for that, I apologize. I have been blogging for the past year for the Theatrefolk blog, which I am thrilled to continue to do in 2017. One of my 2017 goals is to get back to posting here more regularly, but it will be at a reduced rate. I have been working hard on balancing my time, and I think it has been working.

I am looking forward to a fresh start in 2017. I hope you’ll join me!

Favourite Posts of 2016

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Macbeth Opens Today!

Macbeth Opens Today!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Hewitson

The Voices Collective’s Macbeth opens today at The ARTS Project!  Very exciting!  And we are featured in the London Free Press too: Macbeth with a gender twist.

Macbeth. It’s a name well known in theatre, even to the non-theatre goer. And the story is nothing unfamiliar to the well-versed audience member. So how do we keep the play interesting to modern audiences? Do something different with it! This production aims to meet that challenge. Our answer to it: what if Macbeth was a woman? Being manipulated by a man? What if we showed the nature of their twisted relationship in real, physical form? The result is a shocking reality check into the very real, too often relate-able, world of abuse. Abuse of knowledge, abuse of power and abuse of people. Nothing is held back or glossed over in this production. Alex Legge stars as the title character. Adam Zess plays her manipulative and mentally unstable husband. The hero Macduff is played by Kerry Hishon. The remainder of the characters are played by a cast of six who play multiple roles throughout the play. Playing at The Arts Project July 10th-12th, The Voices Collective’s Macbeth is sure to be a memorable theatrical experience. 

Tickets $20 (General Admission)
The ARTS Project – 203 Dundas Street, London ON

Thursday July 10 at 8pm
Friday July 11 at 8pm
Saturday July 12 at 2pm
Saturday July 12 at 8pm

Advance tickets are available by calling The ARTS Project at 519-642-2767 or online!  See you at the theatre!

Official Art for TVC’s Macbeth!

Here is the official artwork (poster and Facebook header) for The Voices Collective‘s Macbeth!
Created by Jeremy Hewitson.

Official Art for TVC's Macbeth!

Official Art for TVC's Macbeth!

The Voices Collective are proud to present this classic piece with a pretty big twist: Macbeth is a woman! Her husband is power-hungry and her downfall is a woman whom she has wronged. 

Along with this there is an ensemble of seven who each play multiple roles throughout the production.

Alex Legge stars as Macbeth
Adam Zess as the infamous (Lady) M
Kerry Hishon as the hero Macduff

Ceris Thomas, Greg Mizon, Aimee Adler, Nicole Alcaidinho, Ian Badger, Tara Portiss and Vicki Laufer make up the ensemble.

Directed by Jeremy Hewitson
Produced by Adam Zess

Performances will take place at The Arts Project on the following dates:

Thursday July 10th at 8 PM
Friday July 11th at 8 PM
Saturday July 12th at 2 PM and 8 PM

The official Facebook event is here, and we are also holding a fundraiser night on Friday June 20!  It is a Scottish banquet with food, entertainment, a silent auction, and much more.  Details can be found here!  Tickets for the fundraiser are only $20 — hope to see you there and at the show!

April just sped up!

April just sped up!

Remember back on April 1, when I said April was off to a fast start?  Well, I must have been fooling myself (April Fools Day, y’know), because April hasn’t just sped up… it’s flying with the force of a locomotive!

Last Wednesday I travelled with Shawn, Ceris and Brock to Windsor to see The Drowsy Chaperone performed at St. Clair College, featuring my favourite “brother” Brandon (d’Artagnan from The Three Musketeers) as Man in Chair!  It was an awesome performance and so much fun surprising him!

Rehearsals for Through the Looking Glass and Mrs. Ballyshannon’s School for Orphaned and Afflicted Girls Presents Jane Eyre are going really well.  Yesterday was the fourth rehearsal for TTLG, and we’ve started blocking the first scene, as well as working on choreography and music for “Jabberwocky” and “I Was a Good Egg.”  The group of actors I have are really great — they’re hard workers, quick learners, and just a lot of fun.

We’ve been doing runs of Ballyshannon for a while now, and the show is challenging but fun.  My stutter is coming along, and I’m looking forward to seeing our costumes and working with props soon!

So not only am I working on those two shows, but I have THREE more projects that I’ve recently signed on for!

I was invited to participate in a staged reading for the London Playwrights Lab, entitled Secret Lives of a Sex Doll (although I didn’t find out about the title until AFTER I said yes!).  It’s on May 3, 2014, at Procunier Hall and should be eye-opening!  This will be the second staged reading I’ve participated in with LPL; the last one was a hoot and this one should be too!  Check out the press release in the London Free Press!

I’ve joined the cast of The Voices Collective’s production of Macbeth, which goes up July 10-12, 2014.  My friend Monica got a job opportunity out of town and has moved out of London, and thus had to vacate her role; so I was invited to take over the role of Macduff.  Many of the roles in this production are cross-gender cast, which will be really interesting.  Macduff is a fantastic role — he (or in this case, she) is the person who slays Macbeth.  More stage combat for Kerry!

Speaking of stage combat, I’ve been asked to assist with some combat for Theatre Soup’s production of Ladies Room, which is performing in the London Fringe Festival (June 3-14, 2014).  It’s a cat fight in a ladies bathroom, which will be a blast to choreograph!  I’m definitely looking forward to this one!

(On top of that, I have my regular commitments for sorority, and I’ve started writing the outline to a book I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time — more updates on that really soon!  I’ve also got an idea for a possible addition to the blog, perhaps in video form!)

One bad aspect of being so busy is that I’ve had to turn down some opportunities… but I’ve realized that the more theatre I do, the more discerning and particular I have to be in regards to what shows I commit myself to.  Sometimes I’ve had to say no to opportunities that I didn’t feel I was able to do skill-wise; others I just don’t have the time to commit to.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m nuts or just have a theatre addiction — but I wouldn’t change a thing!  I am so grateful and honoured for the opportunities that have been presented to me… it’s really wonderful to be asked to join a project!