Tiny Theatre Tips #6: Support Other Artists

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Tiny Theatre Tips #6: Support Other Artists

Tiny Theatre Tips #6: Support Other Artists

What do all artists, no matter their discipline, always need? (Other than to get paid… I’ll get to that in a minute!)

They need an audience. They need consumers for their art. They need people to see their shows, buy their paintings, listen to their music, read their books. They need people to know about their upcoming gigs. They need people to share their social media posts. They need to be seen and heard and talked about.

That’s where you come in, dear reader.

I bet you’ve got a project on the horizon. You’ve got a show in rehearsals, or a book about to launch, or a gallery showing, or a new piece of choreography about to be unleashed upon the world. I bet you’d love it if someone reached out and told you, “What you do is awesome. Other people need to know about your awesomeness.”

Why don’t you be that person for someone?

Do you have friends, family members, or even an artist you don’t know but admire the heck out of? Do them a solid and support them. Buy their art. Listen to their music. Put up posters advertising their upcoming performance. See as many live performances as you can. Tweet, share, like and heart all their social media. Write a blog post about them. Interview them on your podcast. Tell everyone you know how awesome this artist friend is. Get the word out. Help them to earn those dolla bills! Don’t just limit yourself to artists in your niche either. Support it all — from circus performers to slam poets to Irish dancers to sculptors to tattoo artists, and everything in between.

And then you know what will happen?

People will start to do that for you too.

Share. Be a supporter and advocate of the arts. Put yourself out there. Get the word out. The world needs more art!

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