Linktastic – May 2015

Linktastic - May 2015

You may have noticed that I’ve been a bit MIA this month… but that’s because Shawn and I have been busy packing up our lives and moving into our very own house! Yes, we bought a house and now we have a mortgage and all sorts of “grown-up” stuff like a rake and a shovel. We’ve been busy raking and scrubbing and all sorts of fun house stuff that will probably lose its novelty after a while, but right now it’s pretty exciting (and tiring). I so appreciate your sticking with me while I’ve been playing house!



Everything Else

  • I just got a set of Inquiry Cards, and I love them! They are fantastic for inspiration, journalling prompts, and getting you thinking.
  • I’m excited about my current blogging course, called Your First 1K. Our first lesson was sent out yesterday, and I can’t wait to dive into it and overhaul my blog! You should join in the fun!
  • 7 activities that super successful people do during the weekend.
  • 19 females TV characters who are evidently Slytherins. I don’t agree with the full list… just because someone is a jerk or a villain does not automatically make them a Slytherin!
  • I tend to stay away from political posts, but I strongly believe in this one. I love using products by Lush Cosmetics because they smell and feel amazing! I also love them because they are working to help save the environment and ban animal testing. I fully support their current campaign to eliminate microbeads from cosmetics and bath products, which pollute our waterways and harm marine life. They are working with Ottawa Riverkeeper to help #BanTheBead. Go to Lush’s site to learn more and to sign the petition. While you’re at it, be aware of what you’re purchasing and refuse to purchase products with microbeads!
  • I heart Skylar and Todrick:

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