Acting Basics: Do’s & Don’ts (A Free Printable)

Acting Basics: Do's & Don'ts (A Free Printable)

Sometimes, we experienced directors/teachers/educators get frustrated during rehearsals and wonder, “I’ve told my actors to _______ a thousand times; why won’t they listen/remember/get a clue?!”

Sometimes, we experienced directors/teachers/educators need to remember what it was like to be a new actor. We need to get back to basics.

Sometimes, trying to remember terms like “cheating out” can sometimes be difficult when you’re also trying to remember your lines, your cues, and what costume you’re supposed to be wearing. Having all that information rattling around in your brain might cause you to shuffle your feet onstage. A new, unfamiliar costume might lend itself to fiddling with it. A new prop backstage might be calling out for eager hands to touch it.

Sometimes, you might just need a reminder. So for those times, I’ve created a simple, easy printable of Acting Do’s & Don’ts that I find are the most common notes I’ve given to new actors. This is a great sheet to pin to the backstage bulletin board or insert into your script as a handy reminder. And it’s totally free!

Click here to download and print the file!

What are your best Do’s and Don’ts for actors to remember?
Share them with me on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below!

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