Linktastic – January 2015

Linktastic - January 30, 2015

I love this Little Free Library! I found it last night on English Street here in London, Ontario, just around the corner from the Palace Theatre. I was seeing some friends performing in The Eyes of Heaven (which was excellent!) and finding this little gem was a great treat! I can’t wait to have a house someday so I can put one on my front lawn!


  • 10 questions provoked by Peter Pan Live and Into the Woods: Is hate-tweeting healthy? I’ve been guilty of tweeting some less-than-stellar opinions (see: Tim Tebow and the Disney Christmas Parade) but hate-tweeting is pretty much the new “go and have a beer and bitch about the show” event.
  • Theatre kids, rejoice: 10 ways being a theatre kid made you a successful adult.
  • OKTC has done some risque shows in the past, including Rent, Cabaret, and Nine with high school aged students. Yet actual high schools are often subject to censorship with their production choices and show subject matter. Should we care? (The answer is yes.)
  • 15 habits that will increase your acting success. I love these! And it’s not just about acting… these habits are totally applicable to anyone in any profession.


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Photo Credit: Kerry Hishon
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