Moving Forward: A Post-Show Recovery Checklist!

Moving Forward: A Post-Show Recovery Checklist!
Kelsea Meredith and I at the LOAF Awards… so sad the show is over but happy to have worked together again!
Photo Credit: Debra Chantler

Now that Duel Love is over, the cast and crew have been all experiencing a bit of post-show blues.  We really bonded as a group, and it’s always sad when something great comes to a end.  But we must soldier on and move forward!

If you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts since your show ended, then I’ve got something for you: the Post-Show Recovery Checklist!  And guess what… it’s totally FREE!

Inspired by my article about how to deal with post-show blues, this checklist is a quick and dirty guide to pulling yourself from down in the dumps and back to your usual sparkly self!  It’s divided up into sections (Self-Care, Home Life, and Future Plans) and even has an extra section for you to add your own needs.  Everyone is different, of course!

Click here to download and print the checklist… for free!  And of course, this checklist (along with all my other free resources) is available on my Resources page; be sure to check them all out!

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