Thankful Thursday: Hello November!

Thankful Thursday: Hello November!
A big sister card for my niece. The inside originally said “That’s what friends do” but I covered it up with some stickers. You can make cards say anything. 😛

This week has been all about:

  • Dinner and fro-yo with Kendryth and V, and planning shopping adventures!
  • “What does Uncle Shawn want for dinner?” “Beer!”
  • My sister-in-law’s baby shower… soon I’m going to be an aunt again!
  • Walt Disney World tweeted me… no big deal.  😀
  • The extra hour of sleep gained from Daylight Savings Time!
  • Finishing up some stage combat work with OKTC’s The Hobbit.  Confession time: it was the first time I’ve choreographed lifts by myself, and the kids did a fantastic job!  Everyone listened so well and worked together like pros, and nobody got dropped!
  • Duel Love, of course.  Tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal, cast pot luck and Princess Bride movie night, and opening night last night!  It’s been a brief but fun time, and tomorrow night will be our final performance.  Don’t miss it!
  • Napping.
  • My dad’s birthday was on Tuesday!  I’m going to visit him on Saturday — I’m excited!
  • I’ve been feeling under the weather off and on lately… I’m thankful for Benylin cough syrup and Shawn for taking care of me, and for my co-workers at OKTC for being patient with me when I’m dozy in the office!
  • This made me smile at work.
  • I’m loving American Horror Story: Coven.  I didn’t watch the first two seasons but the current season is awesome!
  • Despite all the “Grumpy” in this video, every time I watch it I am filled with absolute JOY!  I absolutely squee at 1:14 (Shawn thinks I’m ridiculous, lol).
Thankful Thursday: Hello November!
Good advice.

What has filled you with joy this week? Share it in the comments!

One thought on “Thankful Thursday: Hello November!

  1. cosmicoutlaw

    I love ahs coven too! i’ve never watched an ahs season before (but i hear they’re all pretty good, so i may go back), but i love those dang witches! jessica lange is so good!

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