On the set of Sleep With Her!

On the set of Sleep With Her!
Rockin’ the scrubs!

I don’t often get the opportunity to do film work, so when the opportunity to play a role in EDV Productions’ short film Sleep With Her was offered to me, I was thrilled to accept!

Here’s a synopsis of the film (no spoilers!):

Our young hero, Chris, is getting a bit too old to still have zero experience with the ladies. With the encouragement of his best friends and their age old advice, Chris embarks on an eccentric journey through a “unique” relationship, right to the bitter end.

I played the role of a nurse who assists in a hospital room.  It was a non-speaking role, but still lots of fun!  My fellow actors were really nice, and the crew was great too!

I’m not sure when the film will be released, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product, and will post any updates once I find out about them!

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