A fantastic end to the month.

Wow.  November has absolutely flown by!  A month full of theatre, friends, and learning experiences.  And today has been the cherry on top of an amazing month!

First: I can offically announce (FINALLY!) that I will be directing the OKTC March Break show, which is Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr!  I’m SO EXCITED!!!  After 2 1/2 years at OKTC, I’m finally directing a Disney show!  I have a ton of great ideas and I’m looking forward to meeting my cast and starting rehearsals with them in January!

The Little Mermaid Jr.

I’m also excited to announce this:

Muppet Christmas Carol at the Palace!

Everyone should come out and play!  Fun for the whole family!  Admission is free with a donation of a non-perishable food item, and there will be prizes for those in costume!

Tonight I also went to see a performance of Check Please, presented at Oakridge Secondary School.  One of my OKTC students directed the show, and three others performed in it.  The production was very well done — hilarious performances, great costumes, simple yet effective set, and wonderful attention to detail, including a menu-styled program and refreshments with Check Please labels.  Bravo to the team for an excellent job!  I was also introduced to their faculty advisor, who very generously gave me a bunch of scripts to read!  (I thought I was just going to see a show, but I ended up with a bunch of goodies!)  Thanks very much, Mr. Patterson!  Thumbs up to Oakridge!

I’m also so thrilled to say that my November Blogging Bonanza has been very successful.  I increased my traffic to the site, I wrote a number of well-received articles, and I learned a lot.  I’ll be doing a full recap of what I learned and achieved in an upcoming post, but suffice to say that I’m very happy with this challenge and am looking forward to whatever comes next for this blog!  I do know that I might not post EVERY day going forward (I’d like to focus on quality as well as quantity, of course) but I do want to continue posting on a regular basis and increasing the number of useful articles here, especially for The Young Actors Series, which I think has been my greatest success this month.

Here’s to a great November!  May December be just as amazing — if not more so! 🙂

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