15 Secrets, à la Life & Style

I found this post via Twitter and thought it was pretty interesting and fun, so I decided I’d fill it out too!  Questionnaires like these are a fun way to get to know people better, I think. 

1.  When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be… A whole bunch of things which changed on a frequent basis… actress, detective, professional figure skater, architect, animator (despite the fact that I don’t draw very well).

2.  My most embarrassing moment was… Probably falling down the cement stairs outside of my dormitory in first year university and separating my shoulder.  Luckily I landed on my roommate, or I might have cracked my head open.

3.  My biggest celebrity crush is… Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr., or Daniel Craig.

4.  One thing no one knows about me is… I love travelling and exploring new places but I hate wandering around aimlessly.  I need to have a destination or a purpose.  Even if the purpose is “going on a walk.”  It needs to be established.  Does that make sense?

5.  My most embarrassing habit is… Picking at my lips.

6.  My beauty must-have is… Lip balm and/or lip gloss.  (See #5.)

7.  My best accessory tip is… Don’t go overboard.  Choose one statement piece and let it do the work for you.

8.  The last time I laughed was… Looking at this photo of a cat.  Ermahgerd… Ferncer Ferst!

9.  The oldest thing in my closet is… A black velvet vintage dress from the 194os that belonged to my great-grandmother.  It fits me perfectly!

10.  The fashion items I can’t live without are… Tank tops for layering, skinny jeans and my green Peter Pan boots from New York City.  I love them so much.  I wish I had bought a second pair in another colour when I was there.

11.  The last time I cried was… Saturday afternoon… I was having a moment.  Luckily my girlfriends took me out for drinks that evening and cheered me up!

12.  My biggest guilty pleasure is… Eating chocolate chips straight out of the package.

13.  A stylish star I love is… Anna Kendrick.

14.  The trend I hate is… Sheer shirts with just a bra underneath.  Trashy.

15.  My biggest fashion mistake was… Wearing old, beat-up Converse sneakers with everything.  Converse are great, just keep them clean and toss them when the rubber begins to crack!

I want to know your answers to these questions… Share your responses in the comments!

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