The Winter’s Tale: “Shakespeare’s greatest hit”

Polixenes (Denardo Hepburn), Leontes (Joel Szaefer) & Hermione (Kaitlyn  Rietdyk)
Photo by Whitney Bolam 

We got another great review from James Reaney’s blog on — click here to check it out!

From the review:
“Among many other memorable moments: the EDM flavour to the choreography of Ashley Patenaude-Wood; the spirited reproof from Perdita (Anna Lee-Deimert) about the sun shining on her family’s cottage just as it does on the palace; Shawn McCarthy’s strength as the Clown in scooping other characters up & almost tossing them about good-naturedly; the willingness of the long-suffering Paulina (Amanda Wilson) to make hastily away with Camillo (Shree Ziradkar) after King Leontes (Joel Szafer) suggests Camillo (who turns out to be a Polonius with considerably more fire) be her second husband; the remarkable poise of Hermione (Kaitlyn Rietdyk) in the final scene … & much more.”

You should also check out this video from Rogers Daytime TV, featuring Sam Tattersall, who plays Mamillius in our production of The Winter’s Tale.  For his seventh birthday this year, instead of birthday gifts, he had his friends donate money to Big Brothers Big Sisters of London & Area, and raised $400!  Way to go Sam!!!  He is definitely an inspiring (and adorable) young man!

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