Procrastination is the new black.

Procrastination is the new black.

I finally finished the one-act play I’ve been writing, entitled “Always A Bridesmaid…”  I was asked to write this way back in the summer but waited and waited and dawdled and dawdled and now when it’s finally due I panicked and wrote my little brains out.  I’ve had a really difficult time writing this one for some reason.  It’s taken me approximately two weeks to finish this play.  Looking back, I wrote my other two plays ridiculously quickly.  I wrote “After Alice” in about ten days and zoomed through “Inspector Noble” in five.

I think part of it has to do with how busy I am right now.  Annie Warbucks opens next week, and we’re right into No Traveler Returns rehearsals.  On top of that, at OKTC we just handed out casting packages for the spring season, which made for a crazy busy time last week.  I was excited to meet some of the kids I’ll be working with in the spring (yes, I was asked back to direct another show with Original Kids in the spring!  Yay!).  The play I’m directing is called Jolly Roger and the Pirate Queen, by Craig Sodaro.  I’m looking forward to teaching the kids to swordfight!  Not to mention the Fringe show that I’m (supposedly) working on, that I’ve sadly neglected for some time (I feel SO guilty).

As well, London has been hit by some crazy snow these past few days… over 80 centimetres!  They’ve been calling it “Snowmageddon” online, which is pretty funny.  We’ve had three snow days in a row, but thankfully everyone is back to school and work tomorrow (weather permitting).  I don’t like missing work because it means I don’t get paid.  =(

(That last paragraph really had nothing to do with procrastinating, but whatever.)

Anyway, I was talking about how this play has been really slow-going.  I don’t know what it was… usually I love writing, but for some reason I’ve been totally distracted and trying anything to get out of writing.  “Oh, I better wrap these Christmas presents.  Uh-oh, run out of clean clothes, better do some laundry… Whoops, Glee is on!  Hey, Shawn’s home from work!”  Pretty much any excuse would work.  The worst temptation is knitting.  My hands have been positively itching to knit.  I have a scarf and a dishcloth on the go, and I just bought two big balls of pretty cotton yarn that’s pretty much yelling at me to come knit.

Eventually I gave myself a mental shake though.  I’d committed to writing this script, and I needed to get it done.  It would look really bad if I just let it go, and even if it’s not selected for the festival, at least I’ve got another script in my arsenal.  And it was so satisfying to attach that file to an email and hit the send button.

I actually have couple more plays that I’ve started, and I have a sequel to Inspector Noble bubbling up in my head.  But for right now, I think I’m going to wait until the new year to write again.  It’s not that far away, and my brain needs a break.

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