The Lost Soul Stroll

The Lost Soul Stroll

The Lost Soul Stroll is a haunted walk here in London.  Written by Jason Rip, it is in its sixth year of production.  Last year I was fortunate to get to be an “extra” ghost for a few shows and got to haunt around down by the Thames River under the bridge.

This year I was unable to participate due to other commitments but I was able to volunteer as a sort of “guardian” to the actors out on the haunted walk.  It’s challenging doing street theatre because you are contending with the forces of nature (weather, darkness, no amplification other than your own voice!) and the forces of darkness (various weirdos who happen to be out in public) while you are dressed as a dead person.

I love volunteering in the theatre because it’s a great way to meet people, give back to the theatre community, and oftentimes see shows for free!

The Lost Soul Stroll runs every weekend in October but it sells out fast!  For more information, click here or copy and paste the link:  I’ll be there again this coming Friday and Saturday!

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