Director's Diary: Rehearsing in "Layers"

Director’s Diary: Rehearsing in “Layers”

We're approaching crunch time in Nancy Drew rehearsals: only two more rehearsals until March Break, then a week off (eek!) and then two final rehearsals before tech and dress. Now is the time to be doing full runs of the show and working with props, costumes and furniture. That being said, it's not always good …

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Theatre Thoughts: Harness the Power of YouTube

With this highly connected, technology-forward world we live in, it's almost laughable not to use simple video recording as a tool for your theatrical productions. YouTube is probably the most common video-sharing website going right now; it's free to use and easy as pie to upload videos. Here are three useful ways to use video and …

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How to Effectively Run a Rehearsal With Young Actors

How to Effectively Run a Rehearsal With Young Actors

We are now one month less three days until Disney's Peter Pan Jr. opens at OKTC (March 7, in case you're wondering... click here to buy your tickets!) and we just finished blocking and choreographing the entire show yesterday! Going forward, we are going to be focusing on running the show, line memorization, and focusing …

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Theatre Etiquette: Concerning Rehearsals

Source "All the real work is done in the rehearsal period." ~ Donald Pleasence This topic seems to be becoming a series!  I've written about theatre etiquette concerning costumes and props.  This week, we're moving on to rehearsals! So many actors focus on the final product, the performance.  Really, it makes sense: that's what everyone is looking …

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