Throwback Thursday: From Women’s Eyes

Throwback Thursday: From Women's Eyes

Can it be that I haven’t posted a Throwback Thursday since March? Well, let’s get that train a-runnin’ again with this week’s throwback, which is still a fairly recent throwback to August 2014 and one of our first read-throughs for From Women’s Eyes. It’s pretty amazing to think how far we have come in two months. This has been a fun and challenging project to work on, and it opens TONIGHT! It only plays for three days (four performances) so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, what are you waiting for?

From Women’s Eyes
Presented by Empty Space Productions

From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive:
They sparkle still the right Promethean fire;
They are the books, the arts, the academes,
That show, contain and nourish all the world.

-William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost

During the wake after the passing of a dear friend, a group of women start to pack up her attic where they find memories of the lives they’ve shared. As they sift through the books, photos and debris, they relive,commemorate, grieve and above all, play.

Built from over twenty canonical pieces, From Women’s Eyes celebrates and explores the relationships women have with each other and the world around them through some of the best of Shakespeare’s female characters.

Directed by Jennifer Hale and Kaitlyn Rietdyk

Featuring: Aimee Adler, April Chappell, Norah Cuzzocrea, Jennifer Hale, Kerry Hishon, Deborah Mitchell, Kathryn Mitchell, Nicole Reid, Kaitlyn Rietdyk, Dinah Watts

Performing at The ARTS Project – 203 Dundas Street, London ON

Thursday October 16 at 8pm ($15)
Friday October 17 at 8pm ($15)
Saturday October 18 at 2pm ($12)
Saturday October 18 at 8pm ($15)

To purchase tickets by phone or in person:  The ARTS Project, 203 Dundas Street // 519-642-2767
To purchase tickets online:

Photo Credit: Jennifer Hale

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