Thankful Thursday: A New Discovery

Thankful Thursday: A New Discovery
Visiting Jeanne Sauvé PS to see their class presentation of The Little Mermaid!

Many of my favourite bloggers do a weekly gratitude post, chronicling their best moments and happiest bits of the week.  So I decided I’d jump on the bandwagon.  Why not share some love with the world?

This week, I’m loving and thankful for:

  • Making ridiculous, life-changing discoveries (maybe I’m being a bit melodramatic but whatever).
  • Being personally invited to Jeanne Sauvé PS to see their class presentation of The Little Mermaid, featuring two of my Original Kids!
  • Shawn, for stepping up and helping find a caterer for our wedding!
  • Realizing things are coming together for the wedding, despite not yet having a caterer.  We can do this!
  • Our amazing wedding invitations.  They are gorgeous and we’ve gotten tons of compliments on how cool and different they are!  The designer, Victoria, is amazing too.  Creative and kind and prompt!  A+++!
  • My mom, for being insanely amazing and going above and beyond when it comes to all things wedding-related.
  • My dad, for fixing my car when the battery died.
  • Shawn, again, for making me dinner and lunches all week.
  • Three fun parties this past weekend (BBQ with the in-laws, my cousin’s 7th birthday party which was “mermaids & manicures” themed, and my sorority end of year Mexican-themed bash!).
  • Looking forward to Shawn’s niece Liliana is coming over for a sleepover this weekend (which is forcing us to get groceries and clean the apartment!).
  • Receiving one of our first engagement presents from friends Deb & Taylor (pie irons!  awesome!).
  • Attending The Blogcademy’s second livestream event and getting a virtual kick in the butt (don’t wait around for things to come to you — go out and make them happen!).  I can’t wait to attend one of their weekend workshops someday.
  • On a similar vein, Rock n Roll Bride’s article about running a business with a full time job.  I needed to read that!
  • Getting excited for a [THEY FIGHT!] cast and crew reunion and remount of the show next week (plus a showing of The Princess Bride!).
  • Beautiful sunshine weather and getting to wear sundresses.
  • Cherry whiskey (so yummy, lol).
  • Fixing the ancient computer at work and backing up the system.
  • Jeff, for giving me a mini overview of marketing (I still have a LOT to learn).
  • Decluttering my life.
  • Making time to write.
  • Moleskine notebooks.
  • Lots of useful feedback to my questions from amazing theatre friends!
  • The Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup on Monday!!!

Thankful Thursday: A New Discovery
I call this photo “the blood series.”
Memories of [THEY FIGHT!]
What are you thankful for this week?  Share in the comments!

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